What SeaBrowser can do for you

Better communication, collaboration and connectivity

SeaBrowser is a modular platform, supporting crew communications, enhancing collaboration between the office and the vessel while optimising internet connectivity.

For your Crew

SeaBrowser Communicate

Boost satisfaction and recruitment with:
  • Pre-Paid Web — Internet browsing with user configurable compression.
  • Social Networks from any device (BYOD) on board — WHATSAPP, FACEBOOK, WECHAT, etc.
  • Crew Email — Realtime crew email, with smart attachments.
  • Voice — Prepaid voice system.
  • SMS — Two-way SMS
  • News — Multilingual headlines from news sources worldwide.

For your Operations

SeaBrowser Collaborate

Enhance the way you share, manage and collaborate on most valuable business information.
  • Business Email — Use secure email with domain of your choice. Supports Outlook, smart attachments, delivery notifications, blacklists, quota management, reporting and synchronised web-access from shore.
  • Business chat — collaborate freely online with your team.
  • Voice (VOIP) & Inmarsat Voice — Connect to your office or call the bridge at a fraction of the cost.
  • File Sharing — Reliably share files between vessels (multicast) and your office. Works as FTP/DropBox alternative.

For your IT

SeaBrowser Connect

Make IT work easy at Sea
  • Remote Access — RDP for low bandwidth connections
  • Antivirus —  for PCs on board
  • File Transfer — Transfer and store large files.
  • Backup — Use our backup service to improve reliability.
  • VPN — Connect efficiently to the vessel network.
  • GPS — Get real time GPS data
  • SeaBrowser API — Connect via our API and make custom integrations with 3rd. party software (HR, Ship Management, etc.) and IoT on board.
SeaBrowser Benefits

Setting new standards for onboard internet

SeaBrowser is the onboard internet platform that maximizes the capacity and efficiency of your ship-to-shore communications, collaboration and connectivity.
  • Bandwidth management – maximizes bandwidth utilization while delivering flexible compression ratios.
  • Airtime independence – works with any communication package, from Inmarsat pay-as-you-go to unlimited VSATs.
  • Running on everything – leverages legacy SatCom infrastructures.
  • High reliability – QOS and Data delivery validation
  • Zero IT Maintenance – Full Support by SatMind

Optimised content

Download and upload more online content using less bandwidth.

Complete Control

Be sure of complete control of internet access and costs using your existing infrastructure.

Happy Crew

Affordable internet access improves crew morale and makes recruitment.

Easy Implementation

Our fully managed Cloud solution ensures easy implementation and maintenance.

Improved Collaboration

Benefit from effective communications between ship and shore.

How it Works

for the 21st century

By applying new thinking to the traditional problems of Satellite (Low bandwidth) communications, we have created the SeaBrowser software-based applications that can run on virtually any hardware. The result is the solution that enables significantly more flexibility while utilizing existing infrastructure and network equipment.

SeaBrowser Cloud

Cloud infrastructure, secure, robust, distributed.


SeaBrowser protocol works with any existing provider.

SeaBrowser Platform

Modular with configurable services

Zero Maintenance

Self Administered, No installation required


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